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Deadlift Convert

Deadlift ConvertI am the last person who would have considered adding deadlifting to my exercise program. I always thought that this movement was actually detrimental to a person’s health. It seemed to me that it would place a great deal of strain on a person’s low back area. I just couldn't see any benefit to it.

I have personally had low back issues over the years, so for me to incorporate deadlifting in my workout regimen was never even a consideration.

But in working with my coach, Ashleigh Gass, a highly successful fitness competitor as well as an awesome strength and conditioning coach, I have found deadlifting to be an excellent addition to my workouts. I have found that the deadlift has greatly improved my lower body strength as well as my overall body strength. I also found that my concerns regarding my low back being adversely affected were unfounded. Ashleigh explained to me that if proper form were utilized, I wouldn't have a problem.

With Ashleigh’s expertise as my guide, it took me about 10 minutes to learn the proper method for performing this movement and I now happily incorporate it into my weekly workout routine.

Thank you Ashleigh !!

Don Baxter