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Gymnastics Strength Training

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1710 N. Hercules Ave
Clearwater, FL 33765

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Flexibility Training Classes

Our stretch classes are designed specifically to help break down years of tension in your hips, ankles, back, shoulders and spine. Muscle and joint tension combined with poor mobility create immense pain, dysfunction, and career-ending injuries. Gradually unlock your body’s ability to move again with our stretch-series classes.

These classes are open to beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes. You do not have to be a current personal client or have any formal experience with yoga or stretching to attend classes. 

Gymnastic Strength Training Classes

(GST Foundations)

Our strength training classes are designed to give you the best of two worlds: strength and flexibility. Strength training with total absence of flexibility can lead to body problems as significant as flexibility training with total absence of strength. Most people lack the strength necessary to do even a single chin up, with simultaneous inability to touch their toes. Put an end to this pattern by attending our growing strength training class schedule.

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