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How Do I Train if I Don’t Have Time?

Good news - you are not alone. Better news - it has been done before, by many thousands of people with perhaps less time than you! Busy schedules, and general confusion about what to do in the gym are the two most common reasons people never really start a training program.

Before I discuss a strategy that works for those of you with seemingly no time to train due to businesses, jobs, families, or all three, understandthis; this strategy is effective, but it's also intense. You will need a bit of coaching in order to do this style of training because there are movements that are likely new to you. These movements are challenging, and very effective for full body strength and toning but require a bit of technical "know-how". Additionally, I always recommend that you learn the basics of injury prevention (flexibility, tension reduction, warm up drills, etc) so that you can incorporate all of this stuff into your 'short and sweet' training program. I have a quick-start training program available that addresses these aspects of training as efficiently as possible.

One circulating myth about getting in shape is that it takes several hours each day "in the gym". This is false. When you become proficient in the key movements of strength and conditioning, and combine this with better nutritional habits, your body will change. It will take work and time, but when things are done correctly, change occurs quite rapidly. This style of high-intensity training requires about 45 minutes, 3 days per week. On alternate days, an easy 20-minute walk is recommended.

After interviewing hundreds of clients over the years, I have safely consluded that everyone has this much time available, every day, to do this. It will require varying degrees of re-organization of ones life. Less TV, less wasted time on the Internet, less time text messaging, and potentiall a bit more sleep (exercize programs are often quite effective if completed in the morning, before the day begins).

If your exercize time were in the morning, the workout would flow something like this: general body warm up (5 minutes), injury prevention techniques (10 minutes), whole body strength exercises performed circuit style (25 minutes), cool down (5 minutes). Twenty-five minutes of whole body strenght exercises is extremely challenging when performed correctly, particularly if you were to mix interval style sprint work into the rotation. This routine would also hold true if your exercise time were in the evening.

Although you do not need a gym to train this way, I recommend you joining one, or purchasing some equipment. You will need dumbells, and as you progress, barbells are very useful. Our local beach gym provides all of this for you, along with a group of encouraging, supportive people!

Additionally, if you are interested in becoming part of a small group training sessions that operate in this manner, please contact me as we are forming these groups currently.

To your success!

Ashleigh Gass
MS, CSCS, Certified Sports Nutritionist
Muscle City Fitness, Clearwater Beach

This article was also published in the 10-25-2012 Issue - Page B3 of the Clearwater Gazette.