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I lost 12 pounds in a month with just a few changes to what I was eating.

I met Ashleigh through a business networking group.  I would watch her eat a salad she brought in for breakfast and thought, I'm not sitting next to her, and I will never eat a salad in the morning!  Growing up in an Italian-American family...we love cooking and eating!  My family's whole life revolves around having family and friends over to try the new foods my father has created!!

Ashleigh has been a guest speaker at my place of employment at McFarland, Gould, Lyons, Sullivan & Hogan, and P.A.  We had over 30 people in attendance, including my parents.  Ashleigh spoke about basic nutrition, and which foods will keep you satisfied, help your body be stronger, and work on getting lean.  This is where she shared what was in "the salad".  We all looked at each other and thought, we can totally do this.  The next day I ate salad for breakfast!  It was awesome.  I lost 12 pounds in a month with just a few changes to what I was eating.  I watched my parents make adjustments to what they thought was healthy.

Ashleigh has been wonderful, and I look forward to learning more.   If you want to find out what's in "the salad", give Ashleigh a call! Thank you Ashleigh for all you do and your constant follow up!  I love it.

Teresa C.

Clearwater, FL.