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I was reverting back to unhealthy eating and wasn’t exercising enough.

I started working with Ashleigh after I regained 12 of the 25 pounds I had lost…I was reverting back to unhealthy eating and wasn't exercising enough.

She’s been a treasure to work with… very encouraging while she pushes me to get stronger and leaner. Ashleigh works with people and pays attention to their physical injuries and limitations. She is almost finished with her master’s degree in nutrition, and we have many conversations about food and how to make small changes every week to add more healthy foods to my diet and eliminate the junk. I did not diet or deprive myself, and I've lost over 20 pounds since we've worked together.

Everyone needs someone to be accountable to on a weight loss journey, and Ash is a trainer who understands if you don’t change the way you eat, you won’t get the body transformation you want. I highly recommend hiring Ashleigh if you want your best body ever!

Patty M.