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Interview with Scott Iardella

This is a podcast that features a great interview with fitness professional Scott Iardella. In this interview, I was fortunate to speak with Scott, who shares some of my insight, experience, and passion around nutrition for maximizing performance, body composition, and total health.

You’ll learn many key take-aways in this informative and entertaining interview, including:
  • How to avoid “nutrition confusion”
  • How to avoid the most common nutrition mistakes
  • Simple strategies for getting started in nutrition
  • The best simple strategies for fat loss
  • A different view on the Paleo approach
  • A hidden benefit of ‘nutrient timing’
  • The definitive resource for learning about nutrition
  • New perspectives on protein supplementation
  • Why to differentiate between general and specific training approaches
  • The #1 thing you need to do to take your training and nutrition to a new level
  • And much more….