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My Quality of Life is Better Than It’s Been in Years

In September, 2012, I was referred to Ashleigh. For a few years, I'd really been having challenges. Kidney transplant in 2005, hysterectomy in 2011, years of immune compromise, with a frozen shoulder to boot. At that time, I was also on full dose medications for infections, chronic shoulder and neck pain, and an immunosuppressant drug called "Prograf".

Ash dove in and did numerous assessments, in addition to communicating with my doctor. Nutritionally, we changed a fair bit and really worked to boost my immune system. On the training front, we did a lot of injury prevention work while also improving my overall strength. She referred me to Dr. Joe Giovatto, who did my A.R.T soft tissue work on the side, making a huge difference with the shoulder. I am eternally grateful for their work - the only option presented to me by my physical therapist was a surgical procedure called "manipulation under anaesthesia", because my shoulder "wasn't getting better". Thanks god I didn't take that path. This shoulder injury usually takes 20+ months to heal - Ash and Dr. Joe did it in less than 9 weeks.

It's been several months now, I have my health and flu strength back. My doctor was literally shocked at the recent lab tests, which were so good he's lowered my dose of Prograf. First time in 8 years that's been possible, and it's mostly unheard of. Instead of getting sick a lot and having a frozen shoulder, I fight off infections easily (while doing chin ups and squats!!). My quality of life is better than it's been in years, and I am HAPPY!!

Feeling Super

I am strong, happy, awesomely well, and have the ability again to LIVE LIFE.

Thanks Ash and Dr. Joe!!

Clearwater, FL