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Brilliant Fitness and Nutrition Services

Brilliant Fitness and Nutrition specializes in combining nutritional guidance with customized training programs to help our clients achieve their health and performance goals. When working with us, you should expect to:

  • Build a healthy, lean, strong body
  • Learn to eat to lose body fat and keep it off
  • Reduce or eliminate muscle and joint pain
  • Become “brilliant” about your own training and nutrition!

All of Brilliant Fitness and Nutrition’s training programs begin with a free 30-minute consultation, where we’ll discuss your fitness history and goals, and you’ll be asked to keep a food journal for three days. At the next session, you’ll bring your food journal back for a more detailed assessment (physical and nutritional) and you’ll then be provided with a report that summarizes the findings of the assessment and lays out our best recommendations moving forward.

We offer a variety of Training Levels and Individual Sessions to meet the needs of clients with little, moderate or significant training experience. All training levels include four complimentary, 30-minute nutritional sessions. Each of the training levels is offered as a 12-week course with two, one-hour sessions per week, or as a 10-week course with three, one-hour sessions per week. For those with significant training experience, individual eight-week training sessions are also available.

For those looking for only nutritional guidance, Brilliant Fitness and Nutrition also offers Nutritional Programs that are designed to educate clients about effective nutrition that can improve workout results, athletic performance and overall quality of life.

And for those who’d like to bring the benefits of training and nutrition to their office environment, Brilliant Fitness and Nutrition offers Brilliant Business, a wellness program that can be customized to meet the needs of your individual workplace and staff.