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Nutritional Consultations

The quality and consistency of your nutritional program can make a huge impact on the results you get in a weight loss and conditioning program.  True story!

Nutritional Consultation

My new "weight-loss" clients and I share many laughs in our initial visit.  "Knowing what to do" has usually resulted in years of not doing any of it, to the point of becoming sick, fatigued, over-fat, and under muscled. Many of my new clients are scared to reveal their 3-day food journals, seemingly embarrassed about what they eat.  It's been quite amusing to see clients eat their sheets prior to coming into the office, thus avoiding turning them in altogether.  I believe people fear the possibility of being yelled at, called names, looked down upon, or directed to turn their lives upside-down.  Doomsday material.  Thankfully, that's not my strategy.

I've learned that in the early stages of training and Weight loss, simple is best.  Small steps really do yield significant improvement, and are much easier to integrate into life. Over time, these small steps become better habits, and turn into a strong foundation for more advanced nutritional strategies. So that's how my educational program works, at least for beginners.  It's simple, logical, effective, and really quite easy.

In my beginner level nutritional education program, we cover key strategies for fat-loss and the improvement of health, grocery shopping and food preparation strategies, macronutrient timing, digestive health, and some really useful extras such as understanding your blood work.  We also work with your medical doctor and/or health care provider to ensure they are on board with your plan.

The goal of this program is to graduate from sick and overweight to sprinting around the neighborhood, arms flailing.  All kidding aside, people have really turned their health around after taking this program.  Check out this testimonial:

We just had our health fair at City of Clearwater where we can do a Health Risk Assessment each year.  All of my numbers have improved from last year as follows:

  • Blood Pressure (this year) 118/76, (last year) 128/80
  • Total Cholesterol (this year) 158, (last year) 207
  • HDL (this year) 62, (last year) 57
  • LDL (this year) 82, (last year) 130
  • TC/HDL Ratio (this year) 2.5, (last year) 3.6
  • Triglyceride (this year) 68, (last year) 99
  • Glucose (this year) 96, (last year) 134

By following the nutrition and exercise program you taught us, it has helped me improve in these areas - SO THANKS :)....I am definitely going to continue doing it and hopefully it will translate into more improvements in the future.

My ideal, long term approach with you is to master the basics in order to graduate into individualized training and recovery nutrition approaches.

Our nutritional education program is offered as a stand-alone program, or as an integrated part of your training process.

Looking forward to working with you,


Precision Nutrition - Certified Coach

For more information about nutritional consultations and Brilliant Fitness and Nutrition please contact us.