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I met Ashleigh while on vacation in Florida - she gave group training sessions and briefly explained about the type of food you need to eat to be fit, healthy and have energy. I realized that - contrary to what I had thought - I wasn't eating in a healthy way and also wasn't working out in the most beneficial way.

As I headed back to Belgium, I set up my first skype session with Ashleigh in May 2014. Since then, we had an hour-long skype session about once a month. Thanks to Ashleigh, I was able to make some amazing progress: I totally changed my diet and also adapted workouts, to run less and add more strength training. She also recommended high quality food supplements. With all that, I lost 7 1/2 kg, have now a lean, well-built body and have much more energy than in the past, it's great. I sleep less. I had taken thyroid medication for 10 years. Thanks to additional food adjustments regarding the thyroid, my antibodies fell considerably and I am already off medication! The progress was so transformative and visible that a number of friends and colleagues now also eat the in same way and some have started their own skype sessions with Ashleigh.

It's no problem not to be in the same location for this to be effective: Ashleigh asked me to write a note on the issues I wanted to address before our first session, so it was very focused. With regard to food, she had many tips and explanations. She connected me to Ariix Netherlands to get shipment of high quality nutrients (magnesium, protein powder) also here in Europe. With regard to exercise, we discuss it strategically and she sends little videos with exercises. She had recommended me TRX. I took a personal trainer additionally in Brussels to show exercises, she gave strategic advice how to make this more productive.

Overall, I don't think I would be able to find somebody as qualified on training, nutrition and health here in Brussels and it works out very well to do it via skype. Ashleigh is fun to work with, very professional and has great advice - making it manageable to integrate into your life long term. She follows up between sessions, has a good network of medical advisers in the US that helps inform her opinions on health related issues. She gives advice when to do blood test and what markers to test, I send it over to her and tell her what the doctors here said (again, no problem it's via skype). I can highly recommend Ashleigh and am grateful for all her help and motivation she gave me (although it was tough initially to change the way I eat ;-) - now I don't want to go back to before...



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