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Ashleigh as a coach...

As a coach I have a very unique blend of higher education and over 10 years of applied experience with people from all walks of life.  I’ve been fortunate to learn from, and mentor with,  several world-renowned therapists/coaches over the course of my life. This fact combined with my own education  has allowed me to merge those facets in a powerful way to benefit my clients.

I feel that I have effectively bridged the gap between strength and conditioning and injury prevention, injury prevention and training that WORKS, Cross Fit and "Modified Cross Fit" to ensure safe, and effective training programs (I am a level one certified Cross Fit Coach).  My nutritional education program adds fuel to the fire and I will be guiding you through all the nutritional chaos in the market to help you design your ideal food program.  As you probably know, sound nutritional strategies are critical for success in the gym.  It's been said that nutrition accounts for about 80% of results!

What all of this means is that when you work with Brilliant Fitness, you will be privy to a unique and customized blend of injury prevention/longevity training and strength and conditioning training which is neatly wrapped in a complete nutritional program. We pride ourselves on a fundamentally holistic approach.

Your training experience will begin with a personal interview and history, followed by assessments that help us determine the exact, appropriate starting points for your training and nutritional program.  We customize every step, based on your initial assessment and feedback.  Our emphasis is on fun - each client arrives with different and unique circumstances, and each time we perfect our process for you!

When you begin, be prepared to learn, and take responsibility for your success.  We've found many of our clients have never really learned anything about how their bodies work, or why they've been injured, before working with us.  We take the time to educate our clients as it pertains to their situations, and have found this to be rare in the training industry.  We’d like you to view us as expert guides, teaching you to ultimately fend for yourself.  Be prepared to work hard, and very smart.  We think you’ll find our distinct style of training is challenging, and rewarding beyond anything you have experienced before.

Individual training sessions are available for very specific purposes, while multiple training sessions are available for our longer-term clients.  We will determine your course of action together during the initial interview.  In the interest of helping you to see if we are a fit for you, here are a few typical scenarios we have succeeded in with clients:

  • Countless clients over the last decade with chronic low back pain, the majority of whom return to training better than before.
  • Countless clients presenting with 'shoulder pain', non-surgical, at a loss for what to do. This is fixed rapidly in most cases.
  • Advanced rehab/strength work for those recovering from shoulder surgery (Acromioplasty, and cuff repairs).  This is done with full communication between Ashleigh and relevant surgeons, PT's, etc.
  • Countless clients confused and frustrated about the fact that they've been training for years with zero success.  Clarity arrives quickly with these people and we both work hard and laugh hard during the process.
  • Trips to the Mayo Clinic saved and our process validated by relevant MD.
  • Athletes with non-surgical hip pain being led down precisely the wrong path by their 'therapist', as evidenced by a lack improvement over long periods of time.  We are successful at addressing muscle imbalances that usually lead to joint pain and dysfunction.

Hopefully this provides you with some clarity about what both our mission and our abilities are here at Brilliant Fitness. Chances are good that we’ll be the last stop in your quest for a solution. This is always our primary goal when we begin work with our clients.

Thanks a bunch - really looking forward to working with you.

Ashleigh Gass

CSCS, MS, CCN, CNS, CISSN, MES Precision Nutrition Level 1
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Medical Exercise Specialist
Certified Sports Nutritionist via The International Society of Sports Nutrition
Masters: Human Nutrition
Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN)
Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)
Ariix: Medical Advisory Board Member
Molecular Testing Labs: Consultant