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Simple-To-Follow New Year’s Fitness Routine

Backflip off the fitness wagon this holiday season? Let me tell you how to stick the landing...

Back to reality, or at least the perception of it. Back to the gym, to work, to 'healthy' eating, regular sleep, and te desire to look good naked. (I'd really like to assist you with the latter category). Good news - it's easier than you think. Bad news - all of your herculean goal setting won't work if you are still guzzling lo-fat instant oatmeal for breakfast every day.

In this article, I will outline severl simple and easy strategies, that will, if followed, result in fat loss. I'' condense years of formal education and complicated biochemestry into a few bullet points for you. Here goes:

1. Upon rising, have you normal cup of coffee. This time though, after drinking it, head outside and do a 20 minute walk/jog session. The caffeine tastes good, and helps mobilize fat. Already complaining about lack of time to do this? Get up earlier. You want to look good naked, remember! The other option is to get your weight training session completed during this time frame.

2. When you're finished, head to work with food to go. Rules: you must eat protein, healthy fat, and vegetables. Preferably, green vegetables. Oatmeal, or any other concentrated carb source, will shut down fat-burning hormones immediately. Only eat a huge bowl of grains if you desire obesity and diabetes.

3. Throughout the day, continue to eat meals that consist of proteins, fats, and lots of vegetables.

4. After work, hit the gym (if you haven't done so already). Hit the gym doesn't mean social hour. It means train with intensity, come work with me and you will soon understand.

5. Go home, and eat a meal rich in proteins, vegetables, and good carbohydrate sources such as yams, squash, and sweet potatoes.

6. Go to bed, and repeat this cycle 3-4 days/weel.

The above 6 points, truthfully, is as complicated as most of you need to make it. Doing this long enough to see long enough to see results and you'll earn a spot in "Club of Complicated", where we can begin tinkering with different notritional protocols, supplements, etc.

Until then, keep it simple.

To your success!

Ashleigh Gass
MS, CSCS, Certified Sports Nutritionist
Muscle City Fitness, Clearwater Beach

This article was also published in the 01-13-2012 Issue - Page B3 of the Clearwater Gazette.