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MOVE Fundamentals Program

What is the MOVE Fundamentals Program?

Our mission at MOVE is to provide you with the best training experience possible.  Chances are good you’re here because you want a good combination of strength training, stretching, and mobility.  Perhaps you’re curious about “calisthenics” (gymnastics exercises designed to develop physical health and vigor, usually performed with little or no special apparatus).  This style of training is also known as Gymnastics Inspired Strength Training, or even Gymnastics Strength Training (GST). 

We built our Fundamentals Program to set you up physically for classes.  This style of training is VERY effective - but it requires a learning phase.  In Fundamentals we teach stuff like this:

  • Wrist, shoulder, hip and ankle mobility
  • Straight arm strength 
  • Bent arm strength
  • Core and spine strength
  • Body terminology required to understand what’s going on in classes.

Think of Fundamentals literally as the specialty program to prepare you for classes.  It’s challenging, rewarding to pass, and will open your eyes to this world called bodyweight strength training!

Here’s how Fundamentals is broken down:

  • Session 1: this is booked right after your facility tour / training & health assessment.  This session covers key warm-ups we use for upper body, then progresses into our first levels of upper body strength and mobility.  
  • Session 2: we review key points from session one, then move ahead into core training and mobility.  
  • Session 3: we review key points from session two, then move into legs.  Leg training is based on mobility for the hips, knees and ankles - it’s also based on getting you super strong in single leg training (such as lunges) and “traditional” lifts such as the squat and variations of deadlifts.
  • Session 4: this is a review of all sessions, and a pass, or recommendations for additional lessons.  This happens when someone isn’t quite ready for the class environment.

In addition to these 4 private sessions, you get two stretch classes.  We feel really comfortable allowing new folks to jump into stretch classes because they’re technically more simple.  Strength classes are more complex and require preparation and a standard to pass.

Fundamentals is totally worth it - it’s your program, with your coach, tailored to you as we learn you, and you learn us.  

See you at MOVE,

Ashleigh / Jason / Kyler